9A0-388日本語 トレーニング費用、9A0-409 復習解答例


NO.1 Which option allows a user to turn off a selected audio clip without having to turn off the track
containing the clip?
A. Click the M to mute the entire track
B. Right-click the selected clips and choose Disable Clip
C. Sequence> Disable Selected Clip
D. Clip> Enable
Answer: B

9A0-409 専門   9A0-409 テスト   

NO.2 An editor needs to round-trip a sequence, including video, to Adobe Audition for audio
Which sequence of events will complete this task?
A. Edit> Send through Dynamic Link> Send to Adobe Audition
B. File> Adobe Dynamic Link> Send Sequence to Adobe Audition
C. Edit> Edit in Adobe Audition > Sequence
D. File >Edit in Adobe Audition> Send through Dynamic Link
Answer: C

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試験科目:「Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Business Practitioner Exam (9A0-388日本語版)」



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