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試験科目:「Certified Internal Auditor - Part 1, The Internal Audit Activity's Role in Governance, Risk, and Control」



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IT業界の一员として、君はまだIT認証試験を悩んでいますか?認証試験はITの専門知識を主なテストとして別に初めてIT関連の認証試験に参加する受験生にとってはとても難しいとみされます。良い対応性の訓練が必要で、IIA-CIA-Part1 出題範囲 の問題集をお勧めます。




NO.1 According to IIA guidance,which of the following statements about working papers is false?
A. They contribute to development of the internal audit staff.
B. They demonstrate compliance with auditing standards.
C. They provide support for communication to third parties.
D. They assist in the implementation of recommendations.
Answer: D

NO.2 An organization that outsources much of its internal audit work to an external service
provider is planning for an external quality assessment. Which of the following options would
accomplish this task and be in conformance with the Standards?
A. The same external service provider because of its competency and experience with the
B. External industry associate that performed a similar review for a supplier of the organization.
C. A team from an independent entity that previously employed the chief audit executive of the
D. A team under the direction of the organization's chief audit executive with validation by a former
manager of the internal audit activity.
Answer: B

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