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NO.1 Which are true statements concerning the BugBear and Pretty Park worms?
Select the best answers.
A. Pretty Park can terminate anti-virus applications that might be running to bypass them.
B. Pretty Park propagates via network shares and email
C. BugBear propagates via network shares and email
D. Pretty Park tries to connect to an IRC server to send your personal passwords.
E. Both programs use email to do their work.
Answer: C,D,E

CEH-001 合格点   
Both Pretty Park and BugBear use email to spread. Pretty Park cannot propagate via network shares,
only email. BugBear propagates via network shares and email. It also terminates anti-virus
applications and acts as a backdoor server for someone to get into the infected machine. Pretty Park
tries to connect to an IRC server to send your personal passwords and all sorts of other information
it retrieves from your PC. Pretty Park cannot terminate anti-virus applications. However, BugBear
can terminate AV software so that it can bypass them.

NO.2 You visit a website to retrieve the listing of a company's staff members. But you can not find it
on the website. You know the listing was certainly present one year before. How can you retrieve
information from the outdated website?
A. Visit customers' and prtners' websites
B. Download the website and crawl it
C. Through Archive.org
D. Through Google searching cached files
Answer: C

CEH-001 好評   
Archive.org mirrors websites and categorizes them by date and month depending on the crawl time.
Archive.org dates back to 1996, Google is incorrect because the cache is only as recent as the latest
crawl, the cache is over-written on each subsequent crawl. Download the website is incorrect
becausethat's the same as what you see online. Visiting customer partners websites is just bogus.
The answer is then Firmly, C, archive.org

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